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Indian Bureaucracy - A Corrupt System That Obstructs Progress

Indian Bureaucracy - A Corrupt System That Obstructs Progress

The Indian system of governance is ingrained with 'bureaucracy'. If you are an Indian or have ever been to India, it would be an astronomically impossible odd that you didn't hear of how corrupt our bureaucracy is or how some 'babu' or some 'bade sahab' is a corrupt swine who is nothing more than a public disgrace. Well, that's Indian bureaucracy for you. Fair disclosure that I do understand and acknowledge the fact not all bureaucrats are corrupt. In fact, we have  exemplary civil servants that have served as an inspiration to us all. But this post is not about those people, those honest civil servants. This post is about the other class of bureaucrats who are egoistic, arrogant, inhumane, corrupt and muddled with skulduggery.

Bureaucrats, Bureaucracy and Bureaucratic Measures

The term bureaucracy was first used by French economist Jacques Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay and not in the sense that it is used today. In the late 18th and early 19th century, it was used as satirical and negative term to describe the arrogance and tyranny of desk officers in the French and Irish government. The modern and more positive use of the term began in mid-19th century when German sociologist Max Weber expanded the term to include any system of administration conducted by trained professionals according to fixed rules. Weber used the term with a modern-day positive connotation. He used it to describe it as an effective way of administration in his 1922 essay titled Bureaucracy.   But that didn't last long. It now has a derogatory connotation to it.  Thanks to the works of Alvin Ward Gouldner, an American Sociologist, who showed the bureaucracy for what it truly is - an obstruction to progress. Soon the bureaucrats started to be seen as obstructionist in the growth of a country.

Bureaucrats, Bureaucracy and Bureaucratic Measures are modern day derogatory overtones that express tyranny, arrogance and debilitation in our country's governance. Bureaucrats are, in this day and age, perceived as those with massive egos and false nationalistic zealotry. They are in essence a rule bound bookkeeping clerk who have 'I' mentality when it comes to interpreting rules. They play favorites, they are biased, they stay vague so that they are not held accountable, and they maintain chaos so that no one can see them cheat.

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