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School Bells Are A Disservice To Learning [Reform Indian Education System]

School Bells Are A Disservice To Learning [Reform Indian Education System]

It often irks me to see that the education system hasn't changed much since I left formal schooling almost about a decade ago. There is plenty wrong with our education system but it also needs reforms in the most basic of things. Things as simple as school bells. School bells, though appearing innocent in their ways, are a nasty apparatus causing utter disservice to a kid's learning and to our education system in general.

School bells go off every 40-45 minutes in a typical Indian classroom. When you hear a school bell, you are supposed to end your current stream of conscious knowledge and move on to the new subject. Enjoying arts? Well, the bell goes off and you have to half-ass your artistic self and prepare for the maths class. Isn't such a bell an obstruction to natural learning? Imagine the disservice it instills in the young minds towards education. What a bell actually implies is that students should pause their thoughts on the current subject and then move on to the next subject. But that is not it. It also implies that the student should pick up the same thoughts on the subject tomorrow or in the next class that is scheduled after two days. Is this possible? Well, absolutely no. We all understand that thoughts are very fluid. It is almost impossible to recreate same set of thoughts and same cognitive patterns in the next class.

Why are we still following these school bells, the remnant of old colonial industrial model of education? What are we preparing our kids for? Are we preparing them for a career as a miner or a factory worker?

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