About TRI

Friends, Indians, countrymen, this is what The Rolling Indian stands for: Being a proud Indian. We come to provide you a unique collection of the most premium printed garments that are entirely designed and made in India, with care and love. It is the satisfaction, brought by wearing with pride the most premium quality of clothing that shows off your personality, the actual sign of a successful purchase, that we covet. At the moment, we have the belief that overpriced Spanish and American brands are the only ones that can provide us good quality clothing. If you have that belief, it is your grievous fault. And grievously have the INDIAN companies who locally produce the clothing for FOREIGN brands, answered it (cough-cough: sorry about the Julius Caesar reference). We are proud to present you the completely indigenously designed, produced and printed clothing from The Rolling Indian.

This is why you can depend on us

We do not believe in mass-machine-producing printed garments. We believe that every garment should be a piece of art that our buyers will be able to wear with pride. We wish to make clothes that would withstand the active schedules of our buyers and work with them, instead of working against them. This is where our cloth quality, cuts, dimensional stability, enzyme coats and numerous levels of inspection of garments come into play. We believe so strongly in the importance of care given to each garment, that we make sure that each garment is in perfect quality and print each order individually, to ensure the best quality. We provide you the quality and precision that is hardly possible to come across.

If you are curious about our Quality control process, we have you covered. We are so proud of the intricacy with which we craft our garments that we invite everyone to go through our Quality Control process. Also check our most popular designs and collections and rest assured that the garment and design will be intricately and durably made with professional hands.