CaliCare Promise

We know you hate talking to customer support personnel, their scripted responses and lack of ability to actually support you in any way. We hate that too. So we made sure we interact with our customers directly. If you are a Calicoz customer, we promise that we will directly get in touch with you. Our small but amazing team is willing to take the extra effort to know our customers better and assist them in getting the best experience. Here is how it works:

  • If you are a Calicoz customer, you can request a callback using this link. You will have to enter your order ID and request a callback.
  • Someone from our team will call you back within the next few minutes and will assist you with your order. You would not be talking to a customer care staff, but to our team directly. We make sure that we give personal attention to all our customers and you are happy with the experience.
  • Discuss the problem, get it solved: thank you for choosing Calicoz!