Quality Control

We source our garments from our own units that use 3 different fabrics with International Fit & Standard. We also do Digital Garment Printing (DTG) , Screen Printing & Embroidery with the most advanced Machinery. Each of our garments go through a very rigorous quality test of standards that match that of the best brands in the country. For the curious, all garments are subjected to the below tests and enhancements for the best fit and comfort: 


  • Fabric dimensional stability test
  • Fabric Spirality test
  • Garment laundry test
  • Other tests for special garments if necessary

Material Enhancements

  • Our fabric is made with special natural enzyme coats for the most plush and premium finish and feel.
  • To stand out of the crowd, only Eco-Friendly Organic (OEKO TEX & GOTS Approved) printing inks are used. We do not wish to harm your skin in any way, and go to great lengths to ensure that only the most premium products are used.

Our Garments And Prints Are The Best In The Industry

  • Our garment production unit ensures that the pre-cut fabric is properly inspected to eliminate fabric irregularities that creep into even the best competitor brands. We have successfully eliminated irregularities fully.
  • All our prints go through a placement inspection that works in the range of millemeters. No single print is misplaced on the garments.